I am in need of money urgently. Where can I get it?

For any additional monetary assistance, at Rapid Payday we can help you. With us you can find matchless loan services that you can apply during cash shortfall.

Am I eligible to apply Rapid Payday?

You will be considered as eligible to apply if you can confirm that you are a citizen of Canada, salaried, above 18 years and hold a valid bank account.

Can I qualify despite bad credit rating?

Yes, you can Rapid Payday qualify through us even if you are tagged with unfavorable credit rating.

How much money can I borrow?

You can borrow Rapid Payday an amount ranging from $100 to $5000 upon approval. To pay off the borrowed money you will get one month.

Is there any restriction on the usage of the borrowed money?

No, there is no restriction put by lenders on the usage of the borrowed money. Thus, you are free to spend it for almost any expenses.

Will I need to place any security against the borrowed money?

No, there is no need of putting risk on any of your asset by placing it as security against a loan.

What if I need additional information?

Feel free to contact us whenever you need any additional information.

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